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Get a FREE '10,000 TOWNS' Mobile Wallpaper

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Choose your favorite color from the links below and download your FREE 10,000 TOWNS wallpaper for your phone! Click the link and you will be directed to the image. Save the image to your phone and it's ready to go!

10,000 TOWNS hits stores on March 4. Pre-order on iTunes now and get FIVE songs instantly.

Ocean: http://smarturl.it/10kocean
Coral: http://smarturl.it/10kcoral
Night Sky: http://smarturl.it/10knightsky
Concrete: http://smarturl.it/10kconcrete
Dark Pink: http://smarturl.it/10kdarkpink
Green Apple: http://smarturl.it/10kgreenapple
Gray: http://smarturl.it/10kgray
Green Pop: http://smarturl.it/10kgreenpop
Icy Blue: http://smarturl.it/10kicyblue
Cotton Candy: http://smarturl.it/10kcottoncandy
Pumpkin: http://smarturl.it/10kpumpkin
Purple: http://smarturl.it/10kpurple
Deep Red: http://smarturl.it/10kdeepred
Sunflower: http://smarturl.it/10ksunflower


Exclusive Performance on Country Now

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EYB recently stopped by Blackbird Studio and taped and exclusive performance for Country Now! Visit Country Now on YouTube, or click play below to check out "10,000 Towns," "Dust," "Drunk Last Night," and "Crazy Girl."